Morning Light

Morning Light. Photography by Gale Zasada, 2020

About three months ago, I wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t want to wake my husband up with my noisy coughing, so I headed to my comfy recliner to feel miserable. I was playing with my iPad when I looked up just in time to see the morning light shining on the cafe table and chairs across the room. I’m a big fan of minimalist art, such as the work of John Register or Edward Hopper.

When I showed the photo to my husband, he suggested that I get it framed. I did a little cropping and a tiny bit of contrast adjustment and sent it off to Printique. They did a great job with the framing. The photo now hangs on the wall near the cafe table. by The Brown Bookloft Categories: Gale Zasada, Photography, UncategorizedLeave a commentEdit

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