I’m an avid fiction reader. But I also love visual arts. On The Brown BookLoft, I incorporate images into my reviews that represent something that was memorable about the book. It provides a clue to the story, even if not directly stated in my overview or comments.

I can spend hours pouring over images of photography and art. Once in a while, I get inspired to create my own art, through either digital tools, or photography. I decided to create The Brown ArtLoft to showcase art that means something to me, as well as my own work.

For digital tools, I primarily use Photoshop® and Painter®.

While I do have a background in readers’ advisory through my long library career, as an art lover and artist, I am strictly a hobbyist. I don’t claim to have any special training or insight other than what comes instinctively. With that disclaimer, I hope my viewers find something here for them, as well.

Gale Zasada/ The Brown Bookloft, The Brown ArtLoft.