Spring Mountain Ranch

For three years, my husband and I lived in Henderson, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. We think of our time there as our “great adventure”. We explored lots of areas that we never saw when we were just tourists. This photo were taken at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.

The park’s higher elevation at 3,727 ft. gives it enough temperature difference from the desert valley below for lush greenery. The park runs 10-15 degrees cooler than the city of Las Vegas, just a few miles away. If you are vacationing in Sin City and want a bit of a respite, I highly recommend a visit to Spring Mountain Ranch. There are walking trails, picnic areas and a fun gift shop in the historic house.

The place has a bit of history, as many things do in Las Vegas, including the theft of the Krupp Diamond! For more information about the history of this park, click here.

Hot Peppers

Hot Peppers. Photography by Gale Zasada, 2012

I dug way into my photo archives to find this one. The photo was taken on vacation in 2012, possibly in Sedona, Arizona. I did a very poor job of organizing and labeling my photos (read: nonexistent), but I know that the photos listed before and after this one were taken in Sedona.

Morning Light

Morning Light. Photography by Gale Zasada, 2020

About three months ago, I wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t want to wake my husband up with my noisy coughing, so I headed to my comfy recliner to feel miserable. I was playing with my iPad when I looked up just in time to see the morning light shining on the cafe table and chairs across the room. I’m a big fan of minimalist art, such as the work of John Register or Edward Hopper.

When I showed the photo to my husband, he suggested that I get it framed. I did a little cropping and a tiny bit of contrast adjustment and sent it off to Printique. They did a great job with the framing. The photo now hangs on the wall near the cafe table. by The Brown Bookloft Categories: Gale Zasada, Photography, UncategorizedLeave a commentEdit